10 Tips How TO Write Blog

10 Tips How TO Write Blog
Hi friends, Today I would like to explain how to write a blog, So I am going to tell you 10 tips that will make your blog cool and awesome. #HowToWriteBlogPost #BlogPost
  1. Choose Interesting Topics that you want to post in your blog.
  2. Research on your topics, point out the main points you should have enough information about your topic.
  3. Write Attractive And Catchy Headlines to Drive Readers.
  4. Don’t Write Too long article it may bore your reader So try to write main points.
  5. Read Your Article two time before publishing and find out an error if any.
  6. Give deep attention in the header and footer of the article, So that reader gets interested to read the full article.
  7. Try to make Short Sentence between 15-20 words.
  8. Put some images which make your blog more attractive.
  9. Write with passion.
  10. Always think you can write better than this after some month always updates your post.
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