Who is the founder of Whatsapp


The founder of WhatsApp is Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

 They both on Yahoo. But after working a couple of years in Yahoo. They left Yahoo and both were jobless. So they decided to join Facebook but facebook reject their proposal and they remain jobless. In January 2009 when Koum purchases an iPhone. He realized the potential of the app industry on the App Store.

Founder of whatsap,App store
App store

Now they discuss a new type of messaging app that would "[show] statuses next to individual names of the people". So they needed an iPhone developer. Fishman visited RentACoder.com, found Russian developer Igor Solomennikov, and introduced him to Koum.

Founder of whatsapp Brain Action Image
Brain Acton
This is how the journey of the founder of Whatsapp begun. After this Jan Koum gives the name to their app as WhatsApp which sound like "Whats-up". They launched their App in 2009. But the app was crashing, So Jan Koum decided to give up. And his friend Brain Acton told him not to give up, we should give some time to our App to rebuild. Both the founders were keep working hard for their App. Then Apple launched push notification 2009. Now Founders of WhatsApp added these features in their App "WhatsApp". Whenever any user changes their status in their app, it sends a notification to all the users who are connected with him.

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Jan Koum
Then the co-founder of Whatsapp start working on sending messages and shows live active users. They launched this feature in their Whatsapp version 2.0. After these features, active users increased to 250000. Now The founders of Whatsapp decided to build this App as a company. Then Brian Acton asks for seed funding of $250000 from his friends who work at Yahoo.

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In April 2011, Sequoia Capital invested about $8 million for more than 15% of the company. In 2013, WhatsApp had about 200 million active users and 50 staff members. Sequoia invested another $50 million, and WhatsApp was valued at $1.5 billion. And On February 19, 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for US$19 billion, its largest acquisition to date.

Both the founders of Whatsapp were rejected from Facebook. At one time they were jobless now they were top 100 richest people in the US. So never give up keep working hard. One Day you also get success.
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