Free Netflix Accounts [100% Working and Free]

If you are looking for free Netflix premium accounts for free you’re at right place. Today we will explain on our tutorial how to get free Netflix premium accounts for free.

Netflix Premium Plans & Pricing

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As you already know Netflix is the world fastest online media streaming site. After Youtube Netflix is the second-largest video collection website. Netflix has spread all over the world. Right now Netflix has started their services in 190 countries with 130 million active customers. Netflix has worlds largest collections of movies and web-series. User can watch all Netflix's show for free but users need to pay a monthly fees
Here are the details of Netflix Plans and Pricing for India.
Premium₹8004HD + Ultra HD
The pricing is different for every country so you can see pricing for your country on Netflix’s official website. click here.

Free Netflix Account Features

Free Netflix account gives all features according to the plans they choose. But most of the users take premium plans. It gives the user to access Netflix in 4 devices at one time. In this plan, you can share your accounts with your friends and family. So I am providing you free Premium Netflix accounts.
Detailed features of this plan.

Ultra HD

Free Premium Netflix accounts in this plan you can watch all your favorite shows for free. And also you can watch videos in 4K formats which is Ultra HD. It means detailed picture quality, watch in smart 4K TVs. and thanks me back.


As I already mentioned that I am providing you Free Premium Netflix Accounts. So you can watch anything up to 4 screens at the same time. It means you can watch Netflix in your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and tv at one time. So you and your friends and family members can watch Netflix with your account for free at one time. But in total 4 members will be allowed to watch and access Netflix at the same time. 


You can share my Free Premium Netflix Account ID and Password with your Friends. But sharing Email and password is risky as your friends and family member can change it. Then you have to reset your password. So you can use cookies. I have explained how to use cookies. And how this work check that out.

Free Netflix Account 22 July 2019

Netflix all shows
Netflix all shows

 Three methods to get Free Netflix Premium account.

Method 1. Join Netflix free for a month

Step1. Open Netflix and then click on join Netflix for month
Step 2. Choose your plans. [the Premium plan is recommended]
Step3. Give email and password. It will create your Netflix account for free.
Step4. Choose your payment option: Debit cards or credit cards or PayPal.
Step5. Enter your card details. Then click on Start on Membership.

Now your Free Netflix account is created. Now watch all your favorite shows for free. After watching 26-27 days cancel your plans. Netflix will 0 money.

Method2. Sharing Netflix account with friends and family

It is 100% legal to share your Netflix account with your friends. So I am sharing my Netflix account email and password. So you can watch you all favorite shows for free. Like me, many users share their Netflix account email and password. So here some email and password of Netflix which you can use to watch any shows for free.

Email:; Password: 1564565nhomse; Password: netflixfree
Email:; Password: 051201gfif
Email:; Password: jm27199
Email:; Password: 008249582
Email:; Password: Netflixforfree8
Email:; Password: cdefgahc98
Email:; Password: qwerty561
Email:; Password: GetMe89
Email:; Password: NetflixFriend66
Email:; Password: Getmeonline55
Email:; Password: 88555Ok

Method3.Get Netflix accounts with cookies.

In these methods, users need to install an extension. Then every day they need to update their cookies. With Cookies, we can log in in more devices at one time. And your account will also not blocked.

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