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Ok Google OkGoogle: 

Hi reader i think your are searching for OkGoogle. It means you want use Google Assistant. I can say in other words that you want to google's voice command function in your phone,table or in Google smart devices. But you don't know how to use it. So your are just saying okgoogle and google start searching and showing results.
So in my opinion you should first read this full article to know how to use Google Home. or Google voice command in your device by just saying "Ok Google".

Two main Points of OkGoogle 

We say okgoogle to open google assistant in your phone or device to give voice command. And same we repeat OkGoogle to turn on Google smart devices. 
"OkGoogle = Turn on Google assistance in phones and tablets"
"OkGoogle=Turn on Google Devices like Google Home"


 How to use Google assistant in your Phone or Google Smart Devices:

Google assistant in available for all types of os. Now we discuss how to use in Iphone then we discuss for android.

1.Method For Iphone to use Google Assistant : "Ok Google" or "OkGoogle"

  1. Step a). Download Google Assitant from Apple store. Open apple store and search for google assistance and install it.
    To use okgoogle install google assistant
    Install google assistant in Iphone
  2. Step b). Open the google Assistance app from app menu. Then sign in with your google account
    Google assistant from apps menu
    open google assistant from App Menu
  3. Step c) .Then say "Ok Google " or Click on Microphone Icon.
    Google assistant open and show how can i help you
    ok Google

  4. Step d). Now you all set, give command like call my mom. Set alarm for me.
    Give commmand to google assistant by saying "OkGoogle"
    Give command to google assistant


1.Method For Android to use Google Assistant : "Ok Google" or "OkGoogle"

To use this features you can simply open your Google App.
  1. Step a). Open your google app.
    Google assitant app logo in android
    Assistant in Android
  2. Step b). Click on more as shown in picture.
    manage google assistant
    Google app home page
  3. Step c). You can setting option in your left side click on settings.
    choose setting in Google App
    setting option in google app
  4. Step d). Now again click on settings. You can see this option under Google Assistant
    choose google assistant setting
    google app's google assistant setting
  5. Step e). Now you see four menu , You ,Assistant,services,home. Choose Assistant menu by sliding left side.

    okgoogle assistant setting
    assistant setting

  6. Step f). Now click on Phone.
    okgoogle phone setting
    7. Step g). Now Turn On Google Assistant.
  7. okgoogle google assistant setting enable
    google assistant setting

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