How is Shah Rukh Khan made to look like a dwarf in the movie 'Zero'?

Shahrukh Khan is made to look Dwarf by the utilization of 'Scale Doubles' and 'Constrained Perspective'. These methods were first utilized in motion picture The Lord of the Rings.

Utilization of Different Scales -

Shahrukh Khan is recorded at the same time, at that point the human-sized characters are taped in a subsequent take, at that point the two shots are composited at various scale to make one picture, with the Shahrukh Khan shot made SMALLER.

While whole copies of specific sets are worked at two unique scales, with the goal that the characters would seem, by all accounts, to be the suitable size.

Here is a model from the arrangements of The Lord of the Rings :

Constrained Perspective procedure -

It is utilized at whatever point short character is interfacing with taller character in a scene.

Constrained point of view is a strategy which utilizes optical dream to cause an article to show up more distant away, closer, bigger or littler than it really is.

It controls human visual recognition using scaled items and the connection among's them and the vantage purpose of the observer or camera.

Something like this -

Generation of the motion picture is confounded as various scenes require diverse shooting procedures and innovation.

Also, obviously, VFX is utilized to a huge degree in this.

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