13 Ways to Earn Money Online


If you are thinking for  How to earn money online. It  means you Have some free time. And you want to utilize your time in online work. Great it sounds so nice. Online works is very easy. I will give my best to help you to find your best ways to earn money online.. Read this article carefully , According to me their are unlimited ways to earn money online. But for students, employees and house wifes(Home- maker). 
These 13 ways are the basic ways to earn money online everyone should try these.

13 Ways to Earn Money Online

13 Ways to Earn Money Online


1. Blogging

Blogging is very simple you just need to write what you like.There are many free blogging platforms where you just signed in with your gmail account and use it. The most popular blogging platform is blogger. And you can make money 200$-2000$ in one month. In Blogging there is no any fixed income. You can make 1000$ a day but it will depend on what you write and how much time you spend in blogging.

2. Youtube

earn money from youtube


Now a days Youtube is increasing day by day more than 1 billions people’s visit Youtube Everyday. So it is one of the best option in online earning money. You just need to signed with your gmail account and start posting videos.YouTube is excellent from building your own audience. If you can create your own audience, you can easily monetize it. You can promote products in your youtube channel make lots of money. There are no limitations on your earning.There are many youtubers whose earning is 10000$ in one day. Why won’t you be the next youtuber.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very easy because it can be done by every person who uses the internet. Affiliate marketing is a great option for those bloggers and youtubers. As they can share affiliate links in there youtube channel and websites. Affiliate Marketing is a program run by the company to increase their product sales. In return they pay commission. There are many affiliate marketing companies in the market. Amazon, Flipkart are the most popular affiliate marketing company.

4. Freelancing

Freelancing Services is where you can earn money by your Skills. For freelancing you need good knowledge in your niche.Here you will get work according to your skill and interest.You will get some task or work from clients. And they will pay for that Niche Task. There are many websites provide freelancing. They all are free to register. Some of freelancing platforms are  Freelancer,Upwork , Toptal.

5. Dropshipping

You can also earn money from Dropshipping but it requires lots of effort and time to kick start your Dropshipping business.In Dropshipping you add add products from companies inventory like Alibaba, Aliexpress into your ecommerce website. And you can add your margin in those products.For this business you don’t need to create inventory to manage your products. Everythings will be looked after by the companies.

6. Social Media Influencer 

An influencer is someone who has a loyal following that will listen to them. And for this loyal following you need post engaging content in social media.Find your own style and create original content.Think about what you can convey to them and how your profile should look like to pay followers attention.Social media influencers make the majority of their money from sharing posts which promotes a product.

7. App Development

With the increase use of mobile phones. App development is one the best way to earn money. But for this you need to learn coding. Today the market size of app development is 31 billions $. So you can think on it. To create some basic app needs give 10-12 hours. But as a developer you can charge it from 1000$ to 5000$. 

8. Website Designing

Website Designing

Website Development is also one of the best ways to earn money without investing single money.Just you need to know some basic on Wordpress and Wordpress themes and plugins. Which you can learn from Youtube. Everything is easy to customise. Last one of my friend earn 10000$ from website development. You have a great opportunity to earn money. 

9. Content Writing

If you are interested in writing then content writing is one of the best ways to make money.Here you need to write Quality of content writing on what  the client has offered you.A smart content writer could be one that will write good and distinctive content that is SEO friendly.

10. Buy And Sell Domain

To make cash buying/selling something you need to generate additional financial gain than your prices.
Most people buy/register a spread of domains they suppose area unit attention-grabbing somebody to shop for them. this may sure lose you cash.
You must look into each side of the coin - prices & Revenue.
Cost- You can buy domain at regular price but you need to renew  your domain every year.
And last you need to find a buyer.
Revenue-If you get a buyer and sell the domain to them earn more than 10X of your domain price. 

11. Sell Photos online

To sell photos online you don’t need to buy a DSLR.In this modern world everyone has a phone with a good camera. So you need to click some good photos sell it online. There are many photos selling website.You can sell your photos in Shutterstock. And get paid for your photos. 

12. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

There are many small medium business man brings their services online.But they don’t have enough information to grow their business online.So need to contact those small medium business man. I will do the SEO for your website.And i will take some money.Today without SEO no bog post can rank in google or other search engines.And people are spending lots on SEO for their website.As it will increase people’s engagement in their website.So you can start SEO service. You can also give SEO service through Freelancer. You can also SEO  your website or blog to earn money..

13. Online Content or Course

You can create online video, ebook and you can sell in their platform.Like many a blogger sell ebook and earn good amount of money through selling into Amazon. You can ALso create online video content and Sell them in Udemy. But these video should be related to education.

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